Chew, chew, chew. 

This jerky was terribly dry and didn’t have much going for it but, admittedly, it was fun to chew on something that didn’t recoil away from him. ”No,” He shook his head. “This isn’t home to me; as… nice and non-threatening as it may be. And don’t get huffy about this either, I don’t care. It’s just different to me. Everything here is.”

Chew, chew. 

”.. Steak sounds wonderful.” 

And swallow. The jerky was finished— temper eliminated in record time.

To hear Finitevus say that was admittedly more disheartening than he cared to admit. Even if Finitevus refused to accept it as fact, Ivo had already decided that his home was Finitevus’ home. Even if the small echidna was less-than-accepting of the idea.

"Hm… Very well then. I’ve picked up some nice ones at the market the other day, I didn’t even need to steal them this time. I’ve also managed to abscond with a fairly healthy sized barrel of wine. Vintage, as I’ve been told." Being a rarity in and of itself, another legitimately purchased item. He hardly knew why he decided to go with such an honorable stance; likely it was just his good mood influencing his actions or something.

He stood from the table then turned to the doorway, straightening out his jacket as he passed the metal door frame. “I’ll get right on it, then. Extra rare?”


Ivo’s logic was wrong, and stupid, and a waste of general brain matter. Maybe if he sighed hard enough that train of thought would finally get through to Ivo. 

He breathed. 

It was irritating to remind himself of the same thing and go ahead and get upset anyways. Almost lost in his mess of a mind, he glanced up to Ivo’s offerings, blinking for the moment before taking a stick of jerky. He bite the top and chewed while considering Ivo’s comment. 

"I don’t interfere with other zones," he muttered through the dry meat. "I do communicate/reside as I’m doing now but I won’t interfere with the bigger plans. I am an outsider therefore I will stay that way." Chew, chew, chew. 

"You’re only as much of an outsider as you pretend to be. In my eyes, you’re as much a resident here as I am." Not to mention living a couple years in a different zone is more than enough for his idea of residency.

That, and Finitevus’ home zone was practically non-existent by this point in time.
"It’s not that you don’t think you can do it, is it? Because if so I can accept that stance, it would only mean that you can’t scoff at my each and every loss as if it was my own fault entirely." Even though it was majority of the time. Ignorance is bliss. It dawned on him this subject wasn’t going to end in his favor: so instead he just opted to change it entirely. ”…Eh whatever. Tonight I plan on celebrating my ability to change the color of the sun by making a nice steak with some champagne. Or wine. How many are you going to eat?”


YOU—" He was simmering now, fists clenched. Finitevus took a moment to swallow his frustrations and calmly remind himself that getting angry over Ivo’s incompetence won’t make any less stupid. Breathe. 

He exhaled the lung-full of air through his snout slowly, staring up at Ivo. There was a familiar stress to his smile, speaking slowly. “If- you don’t kill him, he will continue to be a problem. If he continues to be a PROBLEM, then you will continue to get NO WHERE.” Still smiling, still gripping onto the honing rod.

Finitevus’ anger had a tendency to amuse him in ways that could not possibly be good for his continued good health. Despite the fact the echidna was clearly holding an item he probably would have enjoyed to smack Ivo over the head with, the good doctor gave the albino a few pats on the noggin before dropping the knife back down onto the table.

"Not necessarily true. I’ve gained more supporters in the past few years. Plus I’ve slowly been making progress at defeating Sonic over time.

Had I tried these three, four years ago it wouldn’t have worked. But now? I’m getting places. Anyways… you make killing him sound like a walk in the park. I welcome you to try it next time I run off to face him.” He figured it would also be a good time to break out the jerky, reaching into his jacket to grab the handful he had on him. “Want some?”


His look narrowed considerably. Ivo was nervous and that only meant one thing and one thing only. Ugh, please not again… 

"Ivo that’s probably the worst assumption you could make on your part." He pointed the knife to Ivo, brows knit. "You assume ‘everything is fine' when that rodent's head is on a platter, NOT when he's out floating in the 'I don't know' area.”

He stabbed the knife into the table, rubbing his temples. “HOW on EARTH do you manage to repeat to same mistakes over and over again-!? You are the definition of insanity!” 

He turned to Finitevus. Smiled. Shrugged. “Oops!” Was his first and only response for several seconds. He mused on why Finitevus was so upset very briefly, but had pushed the thoughts aside nearly as quickly.

Instead he just leaned against the table, taking the knife into his hand to examine it. “You see Finitevus, if I worry myself over just killing Sonic I’ll lose ground. I can’t dedicate valuable resources into killing the rodent when I need them to establish an influence.

Sure he dismantles that influence, but every loss is a small victory with the knowledge that someday I will win out. One way or another at least.
Maybe next time I’ll go with an all-out ‘destroy Sonic at all costs’ campaign.”



Eggman took on a look of annoyance. “Shame you’re only an inept goody-goody over-glorified security guard. We can’t always have what we want, now can we?”

Eyes narrowed as the Zone Cop took out an object from a side compartment, twirling it around his finger. “Do you know what this is? It’s called a Control Collar. This gets snapped around your neck and you’ll suddenly find your strength sapped. Makes it quite easy to haul off criminals. You’d make a good consolation prize.

We patrol and police the multiverse, and you’ll kindly respect that.”

"Psh, whatever! I’ll call police brutality faster than you can say ‘where did my badge go?’ Not like it matters right now, I’m not looking to fight you. I’ve got much bigger threats on my plate that need dealing with.

Just remember it’s unwise to make an enemy of someone such as myself. I have the resources and the determination to completely destroy you and your little zone-patrolling police boy band.”


"Cute. I don’t listen to demands. But if you must know, I am Commander Zelias Acorn. No Zone Zero-Three. Not every day I meet an Eggman. Shame you’re not Nega though."

Eggman took on a look of annoyance. “Shame you’re only an inept goody-goody over-glorified security guard. We can’t always have what we want, now can we?”



Gods give me patience to deal with this manchild.’ 

"I see," The tired one muttered, "It’s hard to tell whether you have a very active imagination to come up with these schemes or you like to make things up as you go along. Part of me thinks it’s both." 

"So, humor me, is there an outcome to all this? Where’s Sonic?" 

6 feet under, hopefully. 

That’s when his smile became noticeably more nervous. Ivo quickly tapped his fingers against the nearby table before turning away to pretend to look at something.

"Ah, yes. The outcome. You see, I’m working on a mech that can manipulate Dark Gaia energy, not too unlike the actual god himself. I’ve forgone with using gods to be stabbed in the back in favor of having it all within my own hands." Sonic. Where was Sonic? He knew two of his energy collectors had gone offline; but Finitevus didn’t need to know that.

Technically the last time he had seen Sonic, he was an angry ball of fur screaming his way into the planet’s atmosphere. “I er. Don’t know. But I’m sure everything is fine!”


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"I wasn’t aware this particular No Zone was a gathering place for criminals. First Finitevus, and now you." Zelias deadpanned. "I’d advise that you don’t wander."

"And who are you?” These strangers were becoming increasingly bold. The nerve of them, expecting him to so easily fold to their demands. “I’ll have you know this isn’t a No Zone. Also. Don’t expect me to follow your petty orders.

If anything I’m the one who issues demands.”


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"I turned the sun off as if it was my own personal night-light. Look out the window, I want constructive opinions."

"If you’re talking about the change in colour, I’m already aware." He placed the honing rod and knife down on the table, leaning against it. "I was up in the greenhouse the other day and wondered why my plants were acting so strangely. What did you do?” 

"Oh, you know.” A nonchalant wave of the hand with an unwavering grin did little but cement his apparent pride in the act he committed. “I just sapped energy from Sonic and shot the sun with concentrated Dark Gaia energy. I then shot him out an air lock. Again! It was a wonderful occasion. I’m harnessing the excess energy as we speak.

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"Hey Egghead, what kinda grub you got at dat theme park of'a yours?"

"What don’t I have. You name it, sushi, steak, chicken, fish, meals from countries you’ve probably never even heard of. I quite enjoy my diversity.”