"Ah yes, the Tails doll… Still wondering why I made that, but I’m sure I still have him somewhere in the scrap heap…

…-And how about we put some speakers all of the place and laugh at them to pour salt in the wound! They’ll be like terrified rats in a horrifying maze.”

"Oho, I love it! Absolutely genius! Sonic and his little pals won’t know what him them. There’s doubtlessly thousands of ways to go about this. Maybe there’s a possibility of taking things up a notch, induce some fear without having to rely solely on what they see and hear as they perceive them.

Hallucinogenics but with a twist, make them impact the amygdala to influence intense dread. Otherwise Sonic could just run in and attack everything. We wouldn’t want it to be too easy for him.”



"That would be perfect, dear alternate. We’ll just lure them in, and bam! Hopefully they’ll be scarred for life, or just scarred.”

"Actually, you wouldn’t happen to be familiar with Tails Doll, would you? I mean you should have invented it by now - I’ve heard that the kids are quite terrified of it!"

"Then there’s the other possibilities. Make a Metal of every single one of Sonic’s friends. Capture one, send out the metal duplicate, but with a poor taxidermy skin made of leather or what-have-you. By time the night is out they’ll be incapable of even looking at each other without breaking into a fit of terror.”

Anonymous sent:
If I may ask, why don't you use the Egg Walker anymore? You know, the one you freed Shadow with?

"I do every once in a rare while. I just find it’s use against Sonic to be minimal, as it relies more strongly on firepower than raw speed. The little pincushion could outmaneuver it too easily."

Anonymous sent:
metal could even be foxy. the one who rushes down the hall at you at the friggin speed of light.

"Could work. Of course I’d need to give him some synthetic skin and maybe a few new toys to cement the whole ‘scary’ aspect of it."

Anonymous sent:
Billions of tiny needles sticking out from the ground, ceiling, and walls spanning a giant hallway too long for him to jump across and the needles directed towards the entrance of the hallway so even if he spins through them, they can still prick and inject inside of him. If he gets pricked by one then a toxin gets into his body where it slowly shuts down his nervous system. Spreading through his body until he slows down and stops. Then he's a trophy to put on a wall that can't say a thing.

"Speed and momentum. He’d get into a roll, gain enough speed and hurdle himself across the pit with the gained momentum to get to the other side.

Not to mention the fact that the plan is completely impractical, as I do need to send robots to and from, even I must travel some sort of route through the base.”


"Everybody is freaking out about a Horror game about animatronics?"


"G o o d."

"Completely theoretical idea here, but what would happen if you or I were to drop Sonic’s friends into a maze with some terrifying mechanical monstrosity? Halloween is creeping closer, after all."

Anonymous sent:
Robotic Rings which attack an unsuspecting Sonic when he gets close to them thinking that they're real.

"Oho, that’s clever! I think I’ll write that one down somewhere."

twotailedmechanic sent:
Why would you even want immortality? It seems like a worthless effort to me. If you were able to achieve everything with Sonic and everyone else gone and no one was there to stop you, what would there be left to do besides sitting around being bored out of your mind for the rest of time?

"I could live the rest of my ever-lasting life as an eternal ruler, a constant in a world that would doubtlessly crumble without me. Speaking of, what would happen to my empire should I pass? I have no heirs. 
So Sonic wants to win he better pick up his game, because I’m not allowing myself to die until Eggmanland is a reality.”

powerthatisme sent:
"I strongly advice you take on a different alternative to this little plan if that's what it'll cause. What about cybernetic parts? Unless that was the idea you had all along?"

"That, if anything, will be a last resort."

"Oh the wonders of my youth. How I miss those early years."