"Some days I truly do amaze myself."


"The small Captain was indeed a special case. He took a weak, peaceful group of creatures and used them to his advantage. Without them, he’s nothing particularly special, and without him they’re practically harmless, useful for little more than carrying goods back to their homes. But together, they were able to take down creatures easily more than ten times his size. They are a team, and while his Pikmin essentially serve as mere tools or weapons, your machines think and attack on their own, making them count more as a separate unit."

"In all honesty, Doctor, I truly doubt you could take the hedgehog in a one-on-one, especially if the past is anything to go by." The hand gave a chuckle, then continued. "Besides, I rather prefer to save the combat between contestants for the actual Tournament. My terms are simple; a test of your abilities, in which you will fight against a number of my creations. I watch, I judge, I decide if there’s room for you on the roster."

Eugh. That didn’t sound all too favorable. Now that he thought about it, the odds of this going in anyone’s favor but his own were incredibly high, his own self-confidence aside. “That’s rigged! How do you expect me to topple whatever abominations you have in store without my tools to aid me? You should know that peaceful creatures or not, it is my own genius that gives my robots their intellect!”

He crossed his arms as he mused over the very few opportunities open to him. Master Hand was leading him on, and he knew it. He’d need to be clever. “…What about Metal Sonic? Or perhaps a mech? If Metal can’t stand in for my empire, then perhaps I’d be allowed one of my smaller machines at the least? Considering the exceptions you’ve made for others the least I can expect is a chance!”

Snuff Out the Light


Flip the switch? What the heck was that supposed to mean? Did he really think Sonic wouldn’t be able to catch him?

"Sure, Eggman!" Sonic smirked, charging in without a moment’s thought. He burst through the door, immediately bolting towards the robot and destroying it in mere seconds. Was that really all he had in store for him? Talk about borin—

… Oh. Apparently it wasn’t.

Without hesitation, Sonic immediately tried to escape, but to no avail. he couldn’t get through the shields. Okay, this was starting to get him a little on edge. On the bright side, he’d at least have a story to tell about this whole ordeal. Just maybe a few scars too. … If that was even this thing’s intention.

He couldn’t get out, and  he didn’t even know what was happening. What was happening? He had half a mind to start sassing Eggman about it, but knew he most likely had no time to before Eggman began to do whatever it was that he was going to do with him. Dang it.

"Ohoho!" Ivo practically jumped from his seat, hands clasped together in the most overwhelming joy he could possibly hope to describe. Sonic had fallen for his ploy not once, but twice! “Flawlessly executed! Goodness Sonic, you’re really making this all too easy!” The doctor leapt from the Egg-Mobile, striding over to Sonic’s new cage with the most absurd grin known to mankind. He leaned towards the shielding to get a good assessment of the catch;

Exactly as he had wanted. The energy readings were optimal.

"Sonic, hasn’t it ever made you curious as to what happened to Dark Gaia’s residual energy?" The doctor made a sweeping gesture with his arm, his open palm facing the brightly lit blue planet below. "It had festered into the planet’s very core for ages, with nobody to use it! A goldmine of pure energy mine for the taking… but, of course, it comes at a price." With a practiced flourish lights all around the station had begun to glow a bright purple. The operation had begun - A light, crystal-like device descended from above Sonic, covered in a shield all it’s own to protect it from the rambunctious hedgehog. Within seconds a beam shot down to strike Sonic, drawing his very life-force into the mad doctor’s hidden cannon.
"You see Sonic, you still have some left over in you from all those years ago. And I need it to amplify the energy I have gathered. Take a good look at the sun, it may very well be your last!" Ivo made side-note that the beauty of space was really quite awe-inspiring, from little details to how the light reflecting from earth lit up Eggman’s control center or it’s subtle changes from so far away. Such a waste; but he knew it was a necessary sacrifice.
"Let’s see what this baby can do! Now behold, the power of the dark-render!" Then at last, a beam shot out from the station: directly into the sun.

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starherolibra sent:
"Nothing screams amusement park than fire, right?" Taking the Eggman's advice, the cabbit pulled out a gallon of gasoline and a lighter from behind his back. "We can probably start with this place ne?"

W…What? What in Gaia’s name do you think you’re doing, are you trying to kill us both?!”

Don’t Get Me Wrong



{❄}: //”You know that amusement parks are fun and awesome! Hehe!”

"You know what I find truly amusing? How so many people fail to grasp why I choose amusement parks. They all think it needs to be some sort of wretched wasteland or mechanical-torture-factory."

starherolibra sent:
"What did you even have at an amusement park. I thought you egg guys were all boring machinophiles."

"Oh, you know. Roller coasters. Ferris wheels. Furnaces."

littlekoopaofbigfun sent:
"You had an amusement park as well? Wow, it would've been great if you and Dad's amusement parks were made into one large one! Hehe!"

"…Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Why didn’t I think of that?

Good Gaia imagine the sheer control we could maintain if we did a merger like that, the only foreseeable problem would be the delicate power balance required.”

queen-shyniece sent:
Is it fun working with bowser ... and who comes up with the "Big" plans ?

"It’s enjoyable most of the time. In terms of planning, I’d like to say it’s all me and he just watches from afar we’re equally responsible and both pull our weight.”

Anonymous sent:
Actually, Bowser land was made a lot earlier than Eggman land. During one of the first party hosted by the red plumber, Bowser did made a "Bowser land" to try and defeat Mario and his friends during the party. So he got a point, but design wise. I think the new Bowser land does get his inspiration from your Eggman land.

"I still had the idea first. Doesn’t matter to me either way, if he takes inspiration from my ideas I really should be humbled."

powerthatisme sent:
"Are you really still working on those amusement park ideas? How many does that make now?"

"Four. About four."