Maybe if he didn’t look at Ivo’s face, he would save himself the stress and walk away with a calm demeanor for once. Just breathe.

"Name one thing that he’s done that has contributed to anything that didn’t end in explosions or mental trauma." The tone in his voice indicated that his previous precautions were moot. Finitevus pinched the bridge of his muzzle, something he often did when talking to Ivo. “I swear to Ista, if my fur wasn’t white already...”

The strange sensation of an added limb is what made him look up to Ivo then to his arm. He rolled his shoulder and then flexed his fingers. This would do.
Finitevus then stared at Ivo, frowning thinly, choosing not to comment on something like that. He could go a lifetime without running into some sort of freak golem Cubot, of all things, created. He sincerely hoped Ivo’s joke was true.

“I am trying to reanimate the dead.” Perhaps Ivo wanted more detail. “I want to see if I can reanimate what they were before their life had ended.”

His demeanor quickly changed to something much more serious. Ivo’s grin had faltered at the thought, but no doubt would this research benefit him. After all, he had been toiling away his free time in a desperate bid to synthesize a life-prolonging formula. “I will assist you, then. As for Cubot, that isn’t important. He’s just an idiot in need of touch-ups.” He said with a faintly returning smile. He didn’t try thinking of an answer beyond that, he knew Cubot’s antics all too well to name any positives off the top of his head.
In truth he didn’t care. He was more interested in the research.

"It’s funny you should choose such an idea. I, too, had tried resurrecting the dead. A long time ago.
It didn’t work in the slightest as you can probably imagine." As was obvious by his already darkened expression. Thinking about it never helped. "I’m assuming you have the body cyrogenically frozen or well-preserved? Have you considered using robotics?" Ivo leaned forward. Ah Chaos, how he always wanted to play god. The very idea was both thrilling and terrifying; his original schematics relied very strongly in replacing and rebuilding the host body from the inside out. A cyborg, rather than an actual ‘zombie’. Ivo knew Finitevus’ plans didn’t involve such a technological reliance, but he figured it safe to ask.
"It’s tricky to do as you wish, you know. The only time I came close the subject was a complete amnesiac."

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twotailedmechanic sent:
Your puns are terrible.

"My puns are genius."


Somehow, he managed to climb up on one of the shorted chairs in the shop, keeping his strained noises to a minimum in hopes Ivo wouldn’t hear him struggling. “I think the better idea here would be to dismantle him entirely— something I’ve been suggesting for a long, long time now.” Finitevus watched his partner as he examined the replacement, cursing under his breath at that smarmy grin.

Finitevus simmered, giving him a pointed look. “You’re not funny,” he chuffed. “I couldn’t get a hint of work done today. I wouldn’t of cared as much if my right had gone missing but I suppose that’s just too much to ask for.”

"The glorious sound of one hand clapping." Smarmy grin intensifying tenfold. He knew Finitevus claimed to hate it; even so his annoyance at Ivo’s jokes was compensation enough for the doctor’s efforts. "I’d love to dismantle Cubot. But I can’t. Decided against it ages ago, and I have no intent on going back on that now. He is useful. In his own stupid way." Ivo turned, making a few last-second adjustments to the limb before putting it into place with a satisfying pop. The diagnostics were brief, lasting mere seconds as a screen mounted above the bench showed all green.

"Excellent. Seems you’re operational. Now… I’m going to send a squad to find Cubot soon. I could just summon him, of course, but I want to know where he’s building that golem out of your spare arms and legs…

… And dare I ask, what is it you’re working on? My day has been frightfully dull.”

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"I woke up and it was no longer with me," he answered plainly. "So I can only assume it was him."

"Right." Eggman strolled over to his workbench, tossing open a drawer to recklessly rummage through it’s contents. "You know, we really should restrict his access privileges." He smiled at the obviousness of it. Ivo didn’t imagine he would actually go through with the idea, at least not anytime soon; It was just far too much fun seeing Finitevus upset. He pulled up another metallic limb, popping open a hatch at the wrist to examine it’s wiring.

"So. How has your morning been? Aside from you needing a hand with your troubles, of course.”

docfinite sent:
(scratches at door) i lost my left arm. help.

Ivo opened the door with that disgustingly wide smile, stepping aside to let Fini enter. “How’d you lose it this time? Did Cubot do it again?”

Indicting? You meanie! I did nothing wrong for you to indict me.

"Assisting Sonic is a crime all it’s own, my dear Cream. Of course there will be some exceptions. I can’t go and put hit squads on everyone who comes my way, can I?"

fem-eggman sent:
Iva folded her arms, observing the other. Her eyes narrowed. THIS was her male self?!

Eggman sighed; another alternate. How could it be anything but. “Hello. I suppose you came here to ask me for something, as most of my alternates often do?”

the10bestmomentsofshadow sent:
"I don't really think i'm an Newcomer, Doctor Ivo. Robotnik."

"…Oh well! Newcomer or no, it’s easier to make blanket statements and assume they’re true."

"Greetings, newcomers! I’ll get to indicting you all sooner or later."


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